New year and new beginnings, the Clearwater Public Library has purchased a new TV and hope to have it up and running this week. You should stop by and check it out, perhaps when you attend Story Time (Thursdays at 10:30AM) or Lego Land (Tuesdays after school). The Valentine’s contests also end this week, winners will be contacted and announced next week. Check here, or our Facebook page or our Website for the next contest or “happenings”.

Here is a tidbit you might not have heard. Americans are still turning the printed page. With the advent of e-readers and tablets in the past decade, some futurists predicted the imminent extinction of printed books. It was said that the ability to download, read and store thousands of digital books on these devices would quickly reduce demand for the paper versions. However, this prophecy appears to be far from true – at least so far. According to a recent study among those who say they read at least one book last year, the vast majority say they most often read printed books, at a whopping 73%. About one in five most often read electronic books, while only 6% mainly use books in audio form. Clearwater Public Library can help you with ALL your reading needs, so come on down and “Check Us Out”!