If you are lucky enough to attend the Annual Art Walk you may be lucky enough to win the drawing at the Clearwater Public Library for the two tickets to Wichita Music Theatre.  Perhaps while you are here you will find the Reading Rubber Duck and enter the drawing for the two tickets to Botanica in Wichita. The winner of that will be drawn on April 14th.   

 We are excited to announce the first meeting for the Clearwater Public Library Teen Club.  Please plan to attend 1 of the following meetings : Wednesday, April 12th at 4:30 pm or Saturday, April 15 at 10 am!!! If you have not filled out an application that can be done at the meeting and bring your friends ( Anyone 6th – 12th).  Don’t you want to be a “Founder” of the Teen club and be on the ground floor of building it?

 Not every child has a grandparent ready to lend a helping hand with school work, read them stories or just be a comforting presence in their lives. The Big Chiefs Little Indians program sponsored by the Clearwater Public Library and the Clearwater Senior Center gives seniors aged 55 years and older, who are interested in volunteering their time, a chance to fill that role. The program matches volunteers with young children identified by school counselors, social workers or staff as being in need of a helping hand. The children may have an incarcerated parent, be in the foster care system, or have learning or developmental disabilities. They may even be in a military family that has moved around a lot or have a parent deployed overseas or they may just want a grandparent in their life! The Clearwater Public Library in partnership with the Clearwater Law Enforcement, Clearwater Community Center and USD 264 is beginning a new program here in Clearwater for our Seniors (over age of 55) to be Big Chiefs for our Little Indians here in the Clearwater area.  This is a free, volunteer program to connect our Chiefs and Indians for only an hour a week and we want you to be a part of it.  If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact Tina at the Clearwater Library or Pamela at the Clearwater Senior Center.  You can make a difference. Sign-up at the Library or Senior Center today!

 Another opportunity to make a difference – The Clearwater Public Library is still looking for a new Board member (you must live in the City limits).  Combat ignorance and share your passion for your community by being a part of the Library that serves the community.

 One last reminder:   Clearwater Public Library in cooperation with the Clearwater Community Center in Clearwater, Kansas will host “Head ‘Em Up and Move ’Em Out”, a presentation and discussion by Jim Gray on April 20, 2017 at 1:00PM at the Clearwater Community Center (921 E. Janet, Clearwater, KS) as part of the Clearwater activities for the Chisolm Trail 150.  The public is invited to attend the free program.  Contact the Clearwater Public Library at 620-584-6474 for more information.  The  program is made possible by the Kansas Humanities Council.  The early days of ranching and trail driving required stamina and determination.  The drover of yesteryear had little choice but to face the elements placed before him if he was to get his wild cattle to market.  This presentation will explore how today’s massive beef industry owes its beginnings to the men and women who were bold enough to “Head ‘Em up and Move’Em out.” Jim Gray is a sixth-generation Kansan who co-founded the COWBOY (Cockeyed Old West Band of Yahoos) Society to promote and preserve Kansas’s cowboy heritage through the bi-monthly newspaper, Kansas Cowboy.  The executive director of the National Drovers Hall of Fame, he is the author of Desperate Seed:  Ellsworth Kansas on the Violent Frontier and writes the newspaper column “The Way West.” In our modern world we often forget that the food we find on the shelf and in the cooler comes from our farms and ranches,” said Gray.  “Beefsteak was once a steer on the hoof, and so it was 150 years ago when cowboys pointed their herds across the open plains to the railroad corrals of the Kansas cattle towns.  The method of delivery had changed but the spirit of the cowboy will never change as long as cattle graze and beef is on the menu.” “Head ‘Em Up and Move ‘Em Out” is part of the Kansas Humanities Council’s Kansas Stories Speakers Bureau, featuring presentations and discussions that examine our shared human experience – our innovations, culture, heritage, and conflicts.  The Kansas Humanities Council conducts and supports community-based programs, serves as a financial resource through an active grant-making program, and encourages Kansans to engage in the civic and cultural life of their communities.  For more information about the KHC programs contact the Kansas Humanities Council at 785-357-0359 or visit online at www.kansashumanities.org. For more information about “Head ‘Em Up and Move ‘Em Out” in Clearwater, contact the Clearwater Public Library at 620-584-6474 or visit the Website, www.clearwaterkslibrary.org.


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