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Valentine’s Day

It is that time of year.

Did you know that the Venetian born adventurer, alchemist, magician, gambler, violinist and womanizer Giovanni Giacomo CASANOVA  “the world’s greatest lover” worked for 13 years at the castle of Count Waldstein in Dux, Bohemia?  There he set out to catalog the Count’s more than 40,000 volumes and clean the library, but spent most of his time writing his famous Memoirs.  There is a Librarian for Valentine’s Day!

Did you Know?

Did you know Andrew Carnegie built fifty-nine libraries in different Kansas communities?  Kansas ranked fifteenth of of forty-six states for the amount of money Carnegie contributed for buildings, thirteenth in the appropriation per population, eighth in the number of communities receiving public libraries and eleventh in the number of libraries.  Literacy in Kansas has a long and proud history.

Comedian, actor, host, writer and self-described “fake Journalist.  Known for his work on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.  When he was asked ,”Do you see librarians having a role in protecting speech and truth?”  He replied, “One of the things I love the most about libraries is that they’re a place where information is free, which I think is a fundamental human right.  Information should never have a paywall.”